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About us

Cyclo Travel & Leisure™  Cyclo Travel Vietnam™  Cyclo Travel Indochina™  and Halong Bay Adventure™ are trademarks of Vietnam Trishaw Travel And Services ;Limited and registered with Vietnam Trademark Office.

we are a reputable and reliable local tour operator. Our establishment is thank to our customers' belief about the ability and 7 years experience in organizing tours in Vietnam, Indochina, Cambodia, Laos and Burma (Myanmar). The traveling experts have experienced the country and the people of Vietnam with us in recent times have appreciated the ability to organize the tour, the ability to combine sightseeing activities with the local culture in a natural way, bringing a trip meaningful and interesting. We always want to give you a trip to your liking and needs so you can experience our country the way you want with the best quality service and the most reasonable cost.

Why travel with Cyclo Travel Vietnam

At Cyclo Travel Vietnam, we are dedicated to offering our customers the very highest level of support and the best service on your trip through Vietnam, Indochina, Cambodia, Laos, Burma (Myanmar). See why we are trusted and helpful :

 + Travelers will have a dedicated team of consultants to support your booking every step of the way. Our travel consultants will understand your needs.

 +  We reply to every email of our customers within 24 hours and usually a lot faster.

 +  We customize your tour to suit your needs and budget.

 +  We have good feedbacks from our customers reviews.

 +  For us, the most exciting thing about the job is innovating new products and experiences to bring our customers closer to the real Vietnam and Indochina.

 +  We are 100% Vietnamese owned company, so we really understand the local culture.

 + Our tours promote and practice sustainable and ethical tourism wherever we go. We work hard to empower local communities and ensure that both they and our customers benefit from the tours we run.

  +  We do all we can to ensure the safest tour possible.

  +  We take care of your trip during your traveling with Cyclo Travel Vietnam.

  +  And everything we do is to give you a happy and meaningful holiday  :)


Our team :

Mr. Dieu Nguyen (Co-founder and travel consultant)

Xin Chao, my name is Dieu, travel consultant of Cyclo Travel Vietnam™ and Cyclo Travel Indochina™, Co-founder of the company, I have been working in tourism industry for 5 years and I enjoy it very much. My job is to design the best trip for our clients to meet their interests and budgets, give them the best advice for their holiday in Vietnam and Indochina. My favourite saying : “Customer satisfaction is the greatest gift for me “.

Mrs.Mary (Product director)

Welcome travelers to Cyclo Travel Vietnam™ Team, my name is Mary, product director of Cyclo Travel Vietnam™ and Cyclo Travel Indochina™. I graduated from Hanoi university and have been working with Cyclo Travel Vietnam™ Team for 5 years. I love traveling a lot. Now I am in charge of managing tour’s products of the company. My passion is to bring you the best and unique experience about Vietnam and Indochina. I always give the new ideas and products familiar with local life’s experience for travel consultant team, so the team can offer you the best holiday ever.

Mr. Dung Nguyen (Tour Operator and Tour Guide)

Hello everybody, my name is Dung, I am a tour guide and tour operator for Cyclo Travel Vietnam™ in Saigon and Mekong Delta. I have joined Cyclo Travel Vietnam™ Team since 2011. I love doing adventurous and biking tours very much. I did a lot of traveling in Vietnam and Indochina, so I know very well about my country. Book me today for your best tour with the best tour guide ever laugh !

Mr. Phuc Nguyen (IT expert)

Xin Chao, my name is Phuc, IT expert of Cyclo Travel Vietnam ™, I have been working here for 4 years and I really love my job here. What is my job ? It is about to take care of company’s web pages, adjust user’s interface to give you the best look from our websites, always update new tours and important  informations to meet the demand of our clients, keep the websites running smoothly to serve you at anytime you need them. Enjoy your holiday with Cyclo Travel Vietnam™ Team.

Mrs. Giang Nguyen (Travel Consultant)

Xin Chao, my name is Giang, travel consultant of Cyclo Travel Vietnam™. I have been working in this position at Cyclo Travel Vietnam™ for 3 years. I graduated from Hanoi university of culture, so I know very well about the local culture in all three regions of Vietnam. I am so happy to design the best Vietnam tailor-made holiday for you and your family. Enjoy your holiday in Vietnam !


And Team !

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